Erdem Akagündüz, PhD

Assistant Professor,,
Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Eng.,
Çankaya University,
Contact: (+90) 312-233-1399 / Office: N-C12
Profiles: [Google Scholar] [IEEE Xplore] [ORCID]

My research is in the areas of computer vision, signal processing, machine learning and intelligent decision systems. I am mainly interested in infrared vision, among other things. I am an academic consultant to ASELSAN Inc, AdresGezgini Inc,, on developing intelligent singal processing techniques. I am also the Counselor (Faculty Advisor) to Çankaya Üniversity IEEE Student Branch.

I am looking for students willing to take part in defense industry-related and vision/learning-based projects. If you are interested, please apply directly to me, with a well-prepared CV.

For a list of my publications, please click this link.

NEWS!!! We (me and Dr. Oğuzhan Çifdalöz) are holding a special session at SIU2020, namely
"Embedded Algorithm Development in Defense Industry"
(Savunma Sanayinde Gömülü Algoritma Geliştirme)
You are invited!


Below are some selected projects I have been working on.
For a list of my research projects, please click this link.

Image Processing
on IR Seeker Systems

We seek real-time (FPGA-based) solutions to target recognition, detection and tracking problems on infrared imaging systems.

True and False
Image Memorability

This is a collaborative project with Dr Adrian Bors (York, UK) and Dr Karla Evans (York, UK). We are trying to understand what parts of an image make people remember that image.

Call Center Conversation
Anomality Detection

This one is an industry partnership (1507) TUBITAK project. With, we develop algorithms for call center converstaion anomality detection.


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Autumn 2019/2020




Convolutional Neural Networks


Innovative Engineering Analysis & Design

Spring 2019/2020


Embedded Systems


Embedded Deep Learning


Innovative Engineering Design & Implementation


My cv and some other things that I am interested...

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I am into music.
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A StarWars fan-fiction novella I wrote some time ago (It's Turkish).